Frequently Asked Questions

Flower Tips and Tricks

Where are you located?

We are a home based business located in South East Nashville.  We do not have a retail space, so we don’t have walk-in traffic.  We design our flowers in house and deliver them to the Antioch, Nashville, and Brentwood TN areas.  Our closest zip codes are:  37211, 37013, 37027, and 37220.



Why are there no prices on the pictures in the gallery?

We don’t use a template or a formula for our designs like some other florists do.  We use seasonal flowers and their prices and peak times vary. Our floral arrangements start at $45. plus, delivery and tax and they go up from there.



What times of the year are flowers the most expensive?

Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are the two most expensive times of year for flowers.  Growers charge more for flowers because of the high demand.  This cost is passed on to the wholesalers who in turn pass it on to retail florists.  A pack of long stemmed roses at Valentine’s Day costs a retail florist twice what they pay at non peak times. 



Are there any times of the year to avoid when picking a wedding date?

Yes.  The two weeks before Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day!



I bought some flowers at the grocery store.  They’ve been out of water.  Can I just put them in a vase?

No.  You need to recut the stems because they have sealed off and won’t take in water.  When you do recut them, make sure you put them in water within 20 seconds.  Any longer than that, and they will gasp for water and create an air bubble.

Why are florist’s prices so much higher than grocery stores?

Grocery Store Chains are large enough to buy directly from growers. They place standing weekly orders for huge quantities of flowers. (Think how many Kroger Stores there are across the country) The growers cut them deals because of this.  Essentially they are selling to their customers at wholesale prices, and often at a lower price than the retail florist pays at their local wholesaler. 



What is an “Order Taker"?

It’s a company that takes your flower order, adds a service fee on the top, and then tries to farm it out to a local florist.  During peak times like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, this can cause problems.  It’s always best to order directly from the florist who will be designing and delivering your flowers.



I got an arrangement and the hydrangea in it shriveled.  Does that mean it was old?

No.  Hydrangeas are notorious for doing that.  They have a pulpy stem and sometimes it seals off and prevents them from taking up water.  You can try immersing the whole bloom in water for 45 minutes or so.  Sometimes it brings them back to life.  You will need to recut the stem and put it in water within 20 seconds.



How can I make sure my flowers last as long as possible?

Keep flowers away from heat vents or bright sunlight.  Keep the water level full.  Flowers can drink a lot of water.  Change the water every day.  It starts to breed bacteria if you don’t. 



When planning a wedding on a tight budget, what flowers should we avoid?

Calla lilies, peonies, and ranunculus are a few of the most expensive choices.  Depending on the time of year, it may be best to stick with roses.