Tips on ordering Mother’s Day Flowers in Nashville TN

pink roses, hydrangeas, gerberas, and concador lilies
pink roses, hydrangeas, gerberas, and concador lilies

When ordering flowers for Mother’s Day, keep in mind that growers raise prices on flowers before Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. That is why you may have to pay more for your flowers than at other times during the year.

Some beautiful flowers available this time of year are lilies. The Concador lily is a voluptuous fragrant large yellow lily. I used it in this Mother’s Day arrangement.

This is also the time of year when you can actually get Peonies! But they are still pricey flowers, so be prepared for that hefty price tag.

Tulips are now available all year round and I’ve seen some gorgeous tulips at the wholesalers!

For your ranunculus lovers, they’re out there, but they are pricey too. Sometimes, ranunculus blooms are small and weak. Ask your florist if they’ve been coming in looking good before you order anything with ranunculus in it.

Call us to send Mother’s Day Flowers in Nashville, Brentwood, and Antioch TN. We’ll help you choose the perfect floral arrangement for your precious Momma.

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