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I’m Linda Raintree, founder of Raintree Florist in Nashville TN. I used to be a singer/songwriter, then back in 1998 I started my flower business. I love flowers and floral design! It has been a saving grace for me, and gives me an opportunity to create every day.

Live fresh cut flowers are an expressive medium. Their colors, textures, shapes, and fragrances inspire me to combine them in a way that results in 3 dimensional art. I know I’ve done a good job when I can look at one of my completed floral arrangements and say, “That’s beautiful.”

I also know the power of flowers. They can lift our spirits and change our focus. They express our thoughts and emotions. In times of darkness, they remind us there is still much beauty in the world. The fragrance of a certain flower has the power to take you back to a moment in time. When I smell lilacs, I’m reminded of my childhood home. There was a whole row of lilac bushes beside our house. Every Spring they filled the air with their magical fragrance. I knew school would soon be out, and the carefree summer would begin.

When I see Tiger Lilies, they always remind me of happy days during the summer at my Grandfather’s farm. Wild flowers were everywhere. A field of Black-eyed Susans lay between the plowed rows of planted crops and the path that led through the woods. It reminded me of the Poppy Field in the “Wizard Of Oz”. Tulips trigger memories of a trip our family took to Holland Michigan.

The sweet scent of Magnolia reminds me of days as a young adult living in New Orleans. It was a floral paradise with Gardenias, Camellias, and the fragrance of the sweet olive trees near St. Louis Cathedral. All I have to do is think about those times and it carries me back to bike rides past moss covered live Oak Trees in City Park and Audubon Park.

See what I mean. I can just think of flowers and fragrances and they take me places in my mind. Walk through a rose garden and pay close attention to your thoughts. You’ll see what I mean. I always tell brides to have at least one fragrant flower type in their wedding. That way, every time they smell that flower, they’ll remember their wedding day.

So, that’s me. Singer, Writer, Floral Designer, Dreamer.
Glad you stopped by.

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